Miller Pet Hospital prides itself in giving their patients compassionate care while using only the most up to date advancements in veterinary medicine.

Your dog or cat will receive the best and most comprehensive treatment available.  Our full service pet facility offers all the care you would expect for your dog or cat.

Lab Services
We offer extensive lab work to aide in the diagnosis with any problem your animal may be suffering from.  This also includes preventive tests to make sure your dog or cat is in tip top health.

We make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccines and notify you when your pet is due for one.  We also let you know when it is time for your pet to receive a check-up and always monitor your pet’s status so they are always in a healthy condition.

At Miller Pet Hospital we carry many pharmaceuticals such as heartworm medication to insure your pet receives treatment as soon as possible.

As your dog ages a different set of medical needs are required.  We provide all preventative care, whether your pet is aging, overweight, has vision or hearing problems.  Our staff will show you new dietary care as well as counseling to help you understand what your dog is going through and the best way to treat them.


Advanced Care:
Surgical; Miller Pet Hospital offers the finest surgical care in the area; with state of the art equipment and a surgical team with many years of experience.

Laser Light Therapy:
This new and innovative concept can help treat dogs with arthritis, soft tissue injuries or tendon problems and can also aide in the healing of wounds.  This treatment uses specific wave lengths of light to help stimulate the body’s natural healing process.  Laser light therapy is known to increase circulation, reduce swelling and/or reduce pain and healing time.

There is a complete radiology department located on the premises for those quick needed diagnoses with x-rays or ultrasound.

Dental Services:
A complete dental service is available for your pet; whether it is for a cleaning or treating late stage periodontal disease.  You can be assured we will keep your dog’s pearly whites in great shape.


Boarding your pet at Miller Pet Hospital means you can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your fur-children. We offer large kennels and suites for dogs, as well as a large yard. The kitties have their own room, kept away in an area away from dogs. Each cat has the luxury of their own walk through suite.

Feel free to bring your pets bedding, food, treats and toys from home to make their stay more comfortable.

We will try to accommodate your pets routines including feeding times and medications during normal business hours.